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  • Human Resources Development

  • Multilingual training

  • Education Workshops

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Labor Campsite enhancement

  • Computer training

  • In-Country recruitment

  • English & Arabic Language Learning

  • Message Crafting

  • Marketing & Research

  • Translation & Interpretation

  • Curriculum Development

  • ESL & Technology workshops

  • Sustainablity 

  • Circular Economies

K-12  & College




Arab Culture


Language Training



 العربية English






Language Training

Language Training

Social Capital












Consulting Services

On-site assistance


Technology & Business

Dragomann can help you train staff in English, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, or Bengali ...   Whether it is for a new brand, platform, branch opening or software suite. 


Technical Information does not have to be " lost " in translation. Let us help you build the teaching tools and knowledge transfer pathways to streamline efficiencies  

Construction Projects

Are you explaining the same thing over and over again? From groups, and departments to camps and onsite operations management  Dragomanns can revolutionize your communication channels.

Lego Mindstorms

                  The EV3 Intelligent Brick...


Reminds us of a PLC. A programmable logic controller utilizes inputs & outputs for a variety of motors and sensors. The EV3 robot from Lego Education is a great way to teach engineering, programming and design concepts to children & adults. It also builds team spirit and synergy.

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