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We are the official WRO tournament organizers for Chicago ! 

Group Discounts

Get a 25 - 40 % discount on

intro workshop sessions w/ 16+ student registrations


Build with real components! Run a Sumo Bot tourney @ your school

Football Bots !

Advanced builders compete in an autonomous football match with EV3 Lego robots

STEM team building activities 

Coding workshops

Other competitions

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Your school does NOT have to purchase any equipment for the introductory sessions.


Research Lego Robotics here:​

2023   local , regional , and US National tournaments:

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This season, the global competition will be virtual. The countdown has begun!

Each year the best of the best compete in a robotic Olympiad. Dragomanns attended the 2019 WORLD ROBOTICS OLYMPIAD WRO final tournament took place in Gyor Hungary.


We observed eight different age-groups and categories. Teams from all over the world competed with their robot designs and programming code.

Dragomanns workshop:

event coordination
competition pictures
workshop flyers

Lego was founded in 1949 as a system of building blocks, learning & play in Denmark. The company symbolizes one of the most powerful brands with hundreds of retail outlets around the world, Lego theme parks, its own genre of art, and a NON-BORING way to learn about programming.

Lego Mindstorms

The EV3 Intelligent Brick...  is the brain! 


It works like a microprocessor or a logic controller. We see motors, sensors, and wires going into and out of the robot's computing center. Most automation in factories and manufacturing works in a very similar way. 


The EV3 robot pieces can build anything the imagination can dream up: pancake flippers, automatic hotdog placers, ketchup and relish squeezers. (You can even make boring things for adults like a timed-book page turner.) 

Dragomanns Intro to

Lego Robotics powerpoint.

Programming Interfaces (PIF) have been updated by the company. Dragomanns preferred the older version developed by Lego, as compared to the Scratch PIF recently implemented. The Intelligent Brick can also use Python code via third party software.

What does your school need? What does your student use? How can we make learning these fundamental concepts for the first time...  FUN !?

Teach students the fundamentals of programming with Lego

PROGRAMMING BLOCK COLORS    (for the EV3 Robotics models)

EV3 PROGRAMMING BRICK...    drag & drop interface designed by Lego

Action Brickes

Sensor  blocks

Flow Control blocks

Sensor  blocks

Bring a Lego robotics workshop to your school !

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LEGO standard block systems of learning & play:

There are hundreds of Lego-theme genres. 'Lego City' is gender neutral theme. It's what you think of when you think of building blocks.  enjoy building police stations, cars, trucks, ports, airplanes, trains, houses, and other scenes of City life. “Lego  Friends,” building sets are especially geared towards elementary and middle school girls. lays the foundation for creative thinking.


Are significantly more challenging, Middle & High School students are introduced to concepts of dynamic motion, gears, electronic automation, and various other moving parts and pieces. The Bionical genre constructs humanoid figure fighters.


The 3rd generation of Lego robotic systems of learning and play is the EV3 set. It comes in the educational form in set #45544, or the retail form in set #31313. Students learn programming with various Technic pieces plus a programmable “intelligent brick.”  The ideal age of exposure and maturity is around 14 years of age. EV3 systems have one of the best hands-on curriculums to teach mechanical, electronic, engineering, and programming concepts are introduced collectively.


The metalic chasis, aluminium frames, nuts, bolts, servo-motors, and microprocessor used in Tetrix building sets contain 'college level parts and pieces.' These are strudy components that can be used for prototyping robotics and engineering designs.

Bring a Lego robotics workshop to your school !


The Lego Movie is a modern comedy of boisterous gut-laughing for all ages. It's a great after-workshop experience. Schools, educational institutions, may invite family and friends to celebrate intensive, eye-opening learning, STEM subject integration and, trouble shooting all shrouded in the joy of robotics.

At it's heart, Emmit the hero, conveys 'it takes a team with a plan' that makes things happen. It might not by flashy, filled with frills and thrills... but it is a SURE way to get the HEAVY job done done. And that is what a Dragomann partnership with educational institutions would like to do: get things well done.

Because you know... 

Of course you know: 

'Everything is awesome!'

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