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Hands on STEM 

Real world applications:

Education Resources

developing Human potential

Consulting Services

Languages, STEM, Training

Your most precious investment


How will you change the lives of your students, administration, staff, and community? What is your plan for developing intellectual capital? What distinguishes your knowledge base, institution, and message? How can we nurture and grow these forms of social capital?  

Industrial solutions; work-study 

curriculum design

Tectonic shifts are taking place in the labor market. The push for digitalization, data, and robotics, does not have to be immediate. Let us help your neighborhood build a balance between real work and real STEM applications!

Training, Management, Sustainability

Augment business & management efficiencies with a patient, external set of careful eyes. Dragomanns study local, global, and American experiences in multiple languages, have used various training platforms, developed scientific and technical agendas.


What  resources, organizational bottlenecks, IT, language and cultural tools need to be developed and implemented for adding value to your KPI?  Can we help you get there?

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