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Dragomanns STEM initiative is geared towards school districts, K-16 students (and parents) interested in a variety of Science Technology Engineering and Math topic like: coding, circuitry, electronics, renewable energy, Robotics immersion experience & extra-curricular STEM courses. We work with local schools to deliver workshops, equipment, data analytics, and consult for the education sector, in general.

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Be Fiercely Intelligent

Dragomanns STEM education

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Be Fiercely Intelligent

To learn more about workshops:

Please contact Dragomanns @

Email us for a Technology and Robotics program brochure, details, and pricing. 


We'd like to conduct a summer workshop at your school. Imagine 100 seventh graders grasping the fundamentals of code... and having fun. (Are you still day-dreaming?)

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Where we are...

Academic & Scientific English classes

 opening minds through STEM

 encapsulating science and robotics concepts in course content

- International Languages


Working to promote STEM education enhance learning productivity and build social capital in our neighborhoods

On a rooftop somewhere... helping you with your PV system, or maybe in your garden cataloging the plant species.  

- Green Enthusiast

- Chicago, USA


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